I can offer advice across a spectrum, from specialist technical adult incapacity matters to more general public sector administration, including executive coaching.

The things I get asked about most frequently are:

  • Matters about guardianship

  • How to best operate these measures

  • How one offers supported decision making

  • Capacity issues

  • What the AwI changes may involve

  • What the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities means

But if there is something else which you think I can assist with please feel free to contact me: no question too small, too large - or too silly. 





I can tailor my approach to support your needs, it may be verbal advice, a quick phone call may be all that is required: you may prefer a short written piece of advice: or it may need  a larger piece of work.  Anything is do-able please speak to me about your needs; we can have an honest conversation about what I can offer. 


Feedback Received


 'It is clear Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and is ideal to deliver these workshops’

'Great course, very educational, relevant and interesting’

'Thank you for making a big topic very enjoyable and informative’

‘Sandra is a great presenter, easy to listen to with good examples to help understanding’.