I can offer advice across a spectrum, from specialist technical adult incapacity matters to more general public sector administration, including executive coaching.

The things I get asked about most frequently are:

  • Matters about guardianship

  • How to best operate these measures

  • How one offers supported decision making

  • Capacity issues

  • What the AwI changes may involve

  • What the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities means

But if there is something else which you think I can assist with please feel free to contact me: no question too small, too large - or too silly. 





I can tailor my approach to support your needs, it may be verbal advice, a quick phone call may be all that is required: you may prefer a short written piece of advice: or it may need  a larger piece of work.  Anything is do-able please speak to me about your needs; we can have an honest conversation about what I can offer. 


Feedback Received


 'You constantly sought to achieve practical solutions right across your  remit'.

'We are particularly grateful for the assistance which you have never hesitated to provide, along with the benefit of your wisdom and experience'.

'Your help and support have been immeasurable to us throughout this painful process'.